Bathroom Storage Items | Luxury Apartments for Rent in Duluth, GA
Tray with makeup items

At Signature at Sugarloaf, our residents can come home to an updated space that is sure to suit every lifestyle. In each bathroom, residents will find updated spaces with unique features that offer the perfect place to relax in. If you need more storage in your bathroom, there is a variety of ways that you can incorporate additional storage that will be sure to accommodate your things. View our selection of the best storage items and make the most out of your space at our luxury apartments for rent in Duluth, GA.

#1 Lazy Susan

While it is traditionally used in a kitchen to store spices, a lazy Susan can also be used to maximize your bathroom storage space. A lazy Susan is compact enough to fit in a variety of cabinet spaces or on your countertop and the spinning feature makes it easy to find things. You can store everything from skin care products, nail polish, or hair accessories. This lazy Susan comes in a variety of options like a two-tiered one, or one with bins so that you can find the perfect turntable for your bathroom.

#2 Shower Caddy

Of course, most bathrooms already have a shower caddy but this shower caddy is perfectly shaped to hold your bottles. The curved form of the shelves will allow you to separately store your items so you can easily find them and keep everything organized. The caddy also has two flat shelves where you can store things like soap, and it has two hooks that will hold your loofa or razor. Any shower caddy is a good investment and this one will store all of your bottles without having to worry about them falling over and spilling out.

#3 Under the Sink Rack

If you’re in need of a storage rack for underneath the sink but the pipes are getting in the way, this rack is perfect for you. The shelves can be easily moved so you can create space where your pipes will go and still make the most out of the space. The shelves are sturdy enough hold all of your products, including your cleaning products. You can also adjust the length to create the perfect set of shelves that is sure to make the most out of your storage space.

Get the most out of your bathroom at our luxury apartments for rent in Duluth, GA and use these storage items. Come home to Signature at Sugarloaf and contact us today for more information!