Healthy Lifestyle Tips | Apartments near Atlanta, GA
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We are well into the New Year at Signature at Sugarloaf. Your New Year’s resolutions might be fading, but you can turn that around and start living a healthier life today. We’ve gathered a list of tips for a healthy life that you can follow when you live at our apartments near Atlanta, GA. Find your new home at Signature at Sugarloaf!


Everyone knows that we are supposed to drink plenty of water throughout the day, but most of us don’t. For our bodies to function properly, we need about eight to ten glasses or two to three liters of water every day. Water removes waste and carries nutrients and oxygen around our system, so if you start drinking the right amount daily, you will instantly feel more replenished and healthier!


You can tell when your body is tired, and in turn you start eating more throughout the day to stay awake. One in three Americans don’t get enough sleep, according to the CDC. It’s time to implement a new sleep schedule. Aim for at least seven hours of sleep every night, eight is ideal. If you go to bed around 10 p.m. and wake up at 6 a.m., you’ll feel well-rested and less hungry. Just find a routine that works for you! Once you get used to practicing healthy sleeping habits, consider downloading a sleep app to help you get quality sleep throughout the night.


Research has shown that exercising daily brings tremendous benefits to our health, including an increase in lifespan, lowering of risk of diseases, higher bone density, and weight loss! This alone should motivate you to get up and exercise, but you can also incorporate little things like using the stairs instead of the elevator into your daily routine that will improve your lifestyle.

Live your best life at our apartments near Atlanta, GA with these tips! Contact us for more information about Signature at Sugarloaf.