Spring and Summer Home Trends | Duluth Apartments
acrylic chair with pillow and table with plants

At Signature at Sugarloaf, our upscale homes will provide our residents with all that they need for a life of luxury and ease. The stunning details in each home will allow residents to create a space that is unique to them and will reflect their personal style. With the warm weather here to stay, now is the time to freshen up your space for the new season and embrace the new trends. We’ve gathered a guide to the spring and summer home trends that will help you decide which trends will best suit your home and that you can easily incorporate. View our tips and make the most out of the new season at our Duluth apartments!


Maximalists will rejoice with this new design trend! This summer is all about accessorizing your space with collectibles and furniture that will create a unique space. Once you have the bones of your home like the furniture, rugs, and main statement pieces, then you can move on to your accessories. This trend allows you to incorporate whatever you see fit, from things like books and records to souvenirs and tiny trinkets, this is the time for your accessories to shine. With this trend, you can incorporate as much or as little to see fit, nothing is off limits.


Spruce up your space and fully customize any area in your home with wallpaper. This trend has been up and coming for the past few years and it doesn’t appear to show any signs of stopping. Wallpaper has expanded from the typical florals and solid colors to now encompassing all shades, styles, and even abstract creations so that you can find the perfect paper to suit your home. Living in an apartment, you may not think that wallpaper is an option, but with brands like WallsNeedLove, the removable and non-damaging options are endless.

Entertainment Pieces

With things starting to return to normal, incorporating entertainment pieces into your décor is a must. You’ll want to have essential pieces at the ready for when you have guests and you can do this by investing in pieces that will make a statement and stand out as décor. You can get some colored glasses and cutlery that are always on display, or you can get a serving tray that is always at the ready. Get ready for dinner parties or any other get together and incorporate your essential entertainment pieces into your home.

With these trends, you can get your home at our Duluth apartments ready to the warm weather and new season. Come home to Signature at Sugarloaf and contact us today for more information!