Summer Travel Essentials | Apartments for Rent in Duluth, GA
Van parked on roadway

At Signature at Sugarloaf, our community is ideally located to bring residents close to all that the city has to offer. With easy access to major highways, residents can easily travel this summer and explore all of the surrounding areas. Although things are difficult right now, you can still travel this summer and feel safe while doing so. We’ve gathered a few travel essentials that will make traveling easier. Make the most out of this summer at our apartments for rent in Duluth, GA!

#1 Sanitization Products

One of the most important things to travel with right now is, of course, sanitization products. If you’re staying in a hotel or an Airbnb, you may want to bring along a pack of disinfectant wipes but if you’re staying in an RV or a family-owned house, you’ll just want to bring along hand sanitizer and things to keep yourself safe. If you’re choosing to fly instead of drive, you’ll want to bring along every precaution that they allow. Be sure to research before what your airline is allowing and be sure to follow all of the guidelines that they have in place.

#2 Comfort Items

Whether you’re traveling by car or plane, bringing items to ensure that you’re comfortable will make the experience easier. There are several travel items that are compactable enough to travel with by plane or by car that will bring you comfort and make resting easier. This blanket is designed to keep you cool and is easily foldable to fit into any suitcase or bag. If you’re looking for an upgrade from your typical neck pillow, this option is memory foam and the unique curves offer an ample amount of support and it even comes with ear plugs as an added bonus!

#3 Entertainment

Whether you’re only traveling for a few hours or taking a road trip and spending a few days in the car, entertainment is a key factor in traveling. You can do everything from downloading apps on your phone that will provide hours of entertainment, making a playlist that will put everyone in the vacation mood, or you can take a break from screen time and get a book of crossword puzzles or even mad libs that everyone can participate in. Having entertainment ready will make the time pass by quicker and keep everyone in vacation mode.

With these tips, you can make the most out of traveling near our apartments for rent in Duluth, GA. Come home to Signature at Sugarloaf and contact us today for more information!