Tips for Cleaning Stainless Steel | Duluth Apartments for Rent
Apartment Kitchen

At Signature at Sugarloaf, our Duluth apartments for rent come with a stainless steel appliance package. To keep your kitchen looking sleek and clean, we’ve compiled some tips for cleaning stainless steel surfaces. Follow these tips when you live with us and your appliances will always look great!

Don’t Overuse Commercial Cleaners

Be wary of cleaners that claim to be specific to stainless steel surfaces. Most are generally polishers, not cleaners. They will effectively polish and shine your stainless steel appliances but doing this before actually cleaning the surface is not productive. You wouldn’t wax your car before you wash it. You need the car to be completely clean and dry before you begin waxing. The same goes for your appliances. Don’t polish before you clean. It’s essentially like adding another layer of dirt and debris.

Use Soft Cloths

When cleaning stainless steel, a microfiber cloth is ideal. A clean, soft cloth will work fine as well, but microfiber won’t leave any lint behind. Never use steel wool or scouring pads on stainless steel because it will scratch the surface.

Wipe in the Direction of the Grain

If you look closely at your stainless steel appliances, you will notice faint lines or a slight texture to the surface. This is called the grain. Again, to prevent scratching and enhance shine, you should always follow the direction of the grain when cleaning.

Homemade Cleaning Solution

You really don’t need anything fancy to clean your stainless steel appliances. Just some warm water and a little bit of dish soap should do the trick! Mix these together in a spray bottle and you will have your very own, homemade stainless steel cleaning solution.


Instead of using an expensive polish from the store, use mineral, coconut or olive oil enhance your appliance’s shine. A little bit goes a long way. Just remember to follow the direction of the grain like we mentioned above.

Keep your stainless steel appliances in tip top shape at our Duluth apartments for rent! The package we offer is luxurious and convenient for residents to enjoy. Contact us at Signature at Sugarloaf today to find your new home!